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This Must Be the Place

We had an excellent evening at @theundergroundbradford with Shain Shapiro, author of ‘This Must Be The Place : How Music Can Make Your City Better’ and kindly organised by The Dream Machine, John Lynch.

So many interesting things were discussed, including how city policy and infrastructure can have a huge impact in making music accessible for everyone and transforming a city, but essentially, it’s up to us to prove that to the decision makers and make sure they understand that it’s a vital part of all our lives that we value and don’t want to lose.

This has been part of our mission all along, to shout about all our Bradford musicians, venues, gigs, and industry folk, and support Bradford’s music scene as best we can❤️

There was a fantastic panel talk featuring Shain Shapiro, Mark Davyd from @musicvenuetrust, Gail (Mama Hoodoo) from The Underground and Bradford Music Month and our Charlotte from BMS. So many great points were discussed but in summary Bradford does have some work to do but we all love it and we need to be proud of what’s been created so far and be keen to build our scene to it’s full potential.

Mark from MVT made a brilliant comment of how he can see we are all ready to go and deliver the most amazing vision of Bradford 2025 with our music scene, there’s an atmosphere of opportunity and it needs to be grabbed with both hands and we couldn’t agree more 🙂

We want to say a huge thanks to everyone who came along and let everyone who couldn’t make it know we are always out there hustling and repping for you the best we can.

Bradford’s music scene matters. It’s unique, diverse, exciting, and passionate. There’s room at the table for everyone here.

We are going to really work hard now at showcasing all our Bradford Music Scene’s good news and success stories, so please send them all our way.

Bradford is ready to shine! 🙂